1st Taiwan Society for Neuroscience

The Taiwan Neuroscience Alliance (TNA) is pleased to invite you to its 1st Taiwan Society for Neuroscience (TSfN) meeting. To promote interdisciplinary dialogue and innovative collaboration, we have gathered 16 neuroscience-related societies, ranging from basic to clinical neuroscience, from computational to cognitive neuroscience, and from technology to therapeutic advances, to host this conference at Academia Sinica, Taipei, September 11-13, 2020. In addition to outstanding keynotes and plenary lectures given by internationally renowned scientists, the program is designed to integrate talks by scientists from different Taiwanese societies, who have different expertise in the fields of basic, clinical and translational neuroscience. Moreover, the oral blitz and subsequent poster presentation provides a platform for research introduction (3-min blitz), vibrant discussions and exchange of ideas (75-min poster). We hope to spark interdisciplinary collaborations with new approaches and perspectives to navigate and understand neuronal galaxies in health and disease. We look forward to welcoming scientists of all career stages in different research fields, to join the first TSfN voyager.

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歡迎報名 [2021 CINP World Congress] CINP 2020大會,因受新冠肺炎疫情影響,為維護所有參會人員之安全並避免群聚感染之風險,經CINP大會決議確認於2021年舉辦 活動相關資訊如下: Website: https://virtual.cinp2021.org/ 時間:2021/02/25(Thu)-28(Sun) 地點:台北世貿國際會議中心 11月16日至12月15日CINP再度開放2021 Virtual meeting 的poster submission,邀請大家參與 透過以下網站報名, 可以享有生物精神醫學會談下的五折優惠 主治醫師、助理研究員以上: 9000元NTD 住院醫師、博士後研究員:4500元 在學生:2000元 http://www.biopsychi.org.tw/tsbpn_tw/class/class_CINP.asp CINP 暨 臺灣生物精神醫學會


[2020跨領域神經科學研討會初登場—匯集16個學會的熱血神經科學家 陳志成專訪] https://www.scimonth.com.tw/tw/article/show.aspx?num=4140&root=3&page=1

[報名及投稿最後一天] 請各位投稿之報名者務必確認自己上傳的內容,一旦截止不得再修改及上傳檔案。也請欲報名參加者盡速報名,現場報名者無論是否為會員身分,皆收非會員報名費2500元!

[新增TMS腦神經刺激課程 2學分] 只要參加會議中Nanosymposium III 其中 Clinical applications of transcranial magnetic stimulation 或是Neuromodulation 即可申請TMS腦神經刺激課程2學分

[紀念衫資訊新增] 詳細的"紀念衫資訊(Memorial shirt information)"已新增至"大會資訊(Information)"中,有興趣購買者歡迎至頁面查詢尺寸及樣式。(如需加購也歡迎至留言區與我們聯繫)

[Call for abstract submission] 除受邀演講者(keynote, plenary lecture, popular science talk, nanosymposium)外,所有會議參與者需通過註冊系統建立帳號、並完成繳費才算會議註冊成功(會員中心→繳費及投稿→填寫資料與繳費)。 詳細說明請點選"註冊"查閱。 

重要提醒 Important Reminder

註冊日期 Registration
2022-05-23 ~ 2022-09-20
投稿日期 Abstract submissions
2022-04-12 ~ 2022-09-20
會議日期 Conference
2020-09-11 ~ 2020-09-13